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We are ushering Charleston businesses into a new era of IT management that enables them to grow with ease...
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Are you tired of being left high and dry, without IT help when you need it?

  • Is IT draining your productive time at work, stalling your growth and sapping your team's productivity?
  • Are you having to wait hours to get responded to, and days to get attended to by a faceless IT corporation?
  • Would you like an IT partner that treats your company like theirs and is visibly excited about your growth?

We're redefining IT support for Charleston SMBs with our...


Our primary goal is to empower you to achieve your business goals by delivering simple, persistent, and adaptive technology solutions. BuenaVista makes your business run smoother with under 15 minutes response times.


We maintain a curious demeanor, constantly researching, discovering, and developing new strategies to help the companies under our care out-perform the competition without out-spending them.


We do everything humanly and technologically possible to ensure you have the exact-fit IT solutions you need to remarkably grow. As a veteran owned and operated company, we served our country and now we would like to serve you with the same level of doggedness...


We care about how we ACT at BuenaVista and we extend our core values to each and every one of our clients and partners with a smile on our faces and warmth in our hearts. You can be sure that  you have IT partners that believe in your business.

We understand what you need because we understand you

We've seen it so many times... Faceless IT corporations trying to shoe-horn small businesses into some one-size-fits-all IT solution in the guise of "most affordable". For others, they have had to deal with slow response times from their IT support. You deserve better. That's why we are here.

At BuenaVista, our goal is to be the propelling force for your business, opening you up to achievements you've been too occupied to attain. We take the time to intimately understand your goals and business processes, and with that, we custom-design unique IT solutions that help you grow with ease.

Being a personable team of military veterans, there's a level of precision and dedication to your business we have, that other IT companies in Charleston South Carolina simply don't. It's in the training. We function as your in-house team of IT experts at a fraction of the cost on staffing and we ensure 100% satisfaction always.

Interesting facts about us

Free IT- assessment

We have a free survey that shows where you need immediate IT help

Significant cost savings

We provide expert IT support at a fraction of the cost of staffing

Under 15 minutes response

When you call us for help, we respond under 15 minutes, without fail

90% customer retention

Because we keep them consistently satisfied, our clients stay with us
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IT can be intimidating. Sometimes you know you need help but you’re not sure exactly how? Is it the internet? Is it a bloated server? Is it an old computer? Take our survey so we can begin to identify your requirements and pain points.

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Studio Director, MHK Architecture & Planning

"The BVI team is top notch. Our small architectural studio was having serious technology and internet issues that were the result of a haphazard initial setup by a different IT company. BVI explained the situation to us in layman's terms we could easily understand and then immediately organized a rats nest of poorly labeled and mismatched wiring. We are not only grateful for the initial setup and amazing communication, but for the active responsiveness to our regular needs as monthly clients. We recommend BVI to anyone looking for a professional, friendly, responsive, and communicative IT support team. They are the best!"

Father to Father, INC

"It is such a pleasure doing business with you guys!  You respond so quickly and in a professional manner.  You are like an extension of our family here at Father to Father, Inc.  We are so glad to have chosen you to handle our IT needs!"

Increasing H.O.P.E Financial Training Center

"This team was absolutely amazing.  They got the job done quickly and ensured that it was done accurately and thoroughly.  The service was much different than you would expect from an IT company.  Having been in the field to an extent and dealing with others in the field, this was a much different experience that I was not expecting.  Definitely a good value and the cost was more than reasonable."

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We provide you with the exceptional IT support that your business needs to grow with ease...

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