Ascension Through Strategic Technical Documentation

My thoughts on technical documentation

So I’ve been doing IT for about 3 months now 5 years and I think I have a killer grasp on what I can expect to see for the rest of my life. I'm going to have to begin my ascension through strategic technical documentation if I want to stand a chance in this high paced environment. I have a long way to go and a lot of meditation (and medication) to do. But while I’m ascending to have my third eye opened by Yog-Sothoth The opener of the way, technical documents have always been a mystery to me. Questions race through my hollow head like, why am I writing this? Does it even make sense? Why can’t I believe it’s butter? All those and more as I write a standard operating procedure (SOP) on how to get Windows 10 onto a USB flash drive. Here is that document

Getting some thoughts on paper

Sometimes I scare myself with how easily I can put thoughts onto paper. Whenever I create a document that gets rejected, I get right to work on revising it. Andres says that I can’t just count up, I have to do .1 | .2 | .3 and so on. Once I hit .9 I can then add the 1.1 and continue counting from there. I made another document titled “Manmade horrors beyond comprehension”, but Andres tells me that releasing that document would cause catastrophic disasters that would be the inevitable end of all life due to the awakening of The Old-Ones. So, I saved it on a floppy disk and hid it at 49 Degrees north | 123 Degrees West, where no one will find it.

I think that documentation is extremely important for the workflow and efficiency of an office/workplace. So I make documentation on everything from how to replace toilet paper on a Bluetooth toilet paper holder (we do not currently have one implemented so we don’t need the document at this time) to how to start the diesel-powered coffee machine.

Something that we constantly use is my documentation on Azure AD implementation, which we use to connect our clients to our main directory and use that platform to manage their servers from our own. That way we can monitor their systems and make sure that no one is having any issues. All issues they run into are processed through our ticketing system and assigned to a technician to solve in a timely manner. But that document isn’t some of my best work. An adult who has very little knowledge of IT systems can use the document with ease, but my goal is to create documentation so comprehensive that even a baby would be able to manage a network.

Things to expect from me

Some ideas for more technical documentation down the road are “How to change the coffee grounds,” “Where to find extra keyboards”, “Framework for SOHO HIPAA Compliance”, “Network SSP for CMMC Level 3”, and “How to power all of Charleston South Carolina using Solar energy over PoE within 5 years’ time, making it the greenest state.”

If you're interested to know a little more about me you should watch my interview with the BuenaVista Brothers: Interview with a Technology Professional(?) 2: ████ David ████ - YouTube. Or if you liked this piece you can find more semi-exciting reading material at the BVI blog: Blog - BuenaVista Information Systems (

I must go now and publish this before one of my bosses reviews it and make me sleep outside in the rain for insubordination again. Hope you liked it!

David reaching ascension
The face of a man beginning a spiritual journey. The author, Alvaro "David" Lorduy

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