5 Reasons Your Company Needs Managed Tech Support

First, let's talk about what an MSP is and figure out "Why do I need Managed Tech Support?" An MSP is a Managed Service Provider, or in other words, a remote IT support staff. So there are many reasons to consider hiring an MSP instead of adding IT technicians to your payroll and we are going to go over 5 of the best reasons.

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And today we are going to talk about why every company needs IT support to continue making money. But its important to keep in mind that IT will always be geared towards saving money not towards producing. Let's start the countdown! Here's one of our videos that covers the same topics with a bit of eye candy, me!

5. The times call for IT:

2020 Was the year that a lot of us realized just how important cyber security really is. With the Colonial Pipeline hack causing real-life mayhem things got real for a lot of companies. After that, hiring an MSP, like BVI, will keep your company up to date and geared in the right direction. Keeping your files and technology protected and supported. For example, pretending that your cousin's ex boy-friend (who built a gaming computer once) can be your company IT guy is a very easy way to lose tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity time. In other words, keeping up with new technology trends, threats, and updates while applying them to your company's environment requires professionals. And at this point not having IT support & protection from a dedicated team is like drunk driving 90mph without a seat belt or air bag.

4. Do you have the time?

Okay, maybe you are going to fire your cousin's ex-boyfriend because you realized you are paying him $17 an hour and he doesn't know the difference between a node and a workstation. Now what are you going to do? Maybe you took a computer course in high school back in 1987 and are familiar with the Commodore 64. Or perhaps you successfully installed a router to make your internets faster in your living room. This means you officially know enough to be your own IT. WRONG! Information Technology is a multi-billion industry that requires seasoned professionals. Professionals who often get payed upwards of $$85,000 per year. Yea, that's national average for a system administrator that comes with years of experience and a matching education.

So even though know enough to maintain your company afloat in terms of IT, how are you going to keep up with it all? What's the plan for keeping your IT functional and future proofing while also being the project manager, and the marketing director, and the hiring manager, and the CEO, and the... - Well, you get the picture. The bottom line is that if you are going to worrying about the printers, the servers, the virtual machines, Sally who works at home and can't get on her internet, the routers, the 10 new cables you need installed on the upper floor of the office, then how are you going to do the rest of your job?

3. Continuity. Full stack.

Does your company have an IT plan laid out in case you purchase 10 new computers? Similarly, do you have your processes in place so that you can onboard and offboard employees? Full stack continuity simply refers to the ability of your company to maintain its processes and function discreetly with little oversight. The idea is to ensure that all of your technology is seamlessly working together. For example, if you buy 10 laptops and 3 of them are for the accounting team while 4 of them are for the graphic design department, and 3 more are for the warehouse managers. How can you ensure that all of those machines are configured correctly? Have you thought about the hardware and the software they will need? Even if you did, how can you maintain that they are all working exactly how they should be?

Have you considered that maybe the three departments should be on different VLANs? What even is a VLAN? Exactly my point. An MSP will act as your virtual CIO. This means that they will create and maintain documents, processes, and continuity throughout your organization to keep everything simplified and working. That way you don't have to ask yourself, "Why do I need Managed Tech Support?" The answer can be pretty straight forward.

2. MSPs cost less than internal IT.

Have you ever hired an IT guy? Even an entry level one? If you have then you know that they are pricey. An entry level IT technician starts at 30,000 dollars full time. In addition, you are only getting a single guy with very limited experience . If you wanted to hire a full stack system admin, as mentioned above, it would be upwards of $85,000. A mid-level IT would be somewhere from 50-65. And we aren't even talking about benefits yet.

If you wanted to higher an MSP, like BuenaVista, then you would be paying half that. If you are a company with 10 or more computers and want support for each computer/user then you would be looking anywhere from $120-$300 per month per computer on average. When considering the annual cost of internal IT vs an MSP that's incredibly cost effective. An MSP will provide your company with a dedicated 24/7 team with ranging experience. The reason MSP's can charge so little is because they support several customers at a time and companies like yours benefit from economies of scale. So if you have 30 computers that need support and your MSP is charging you 150 for managed helpdesk support then you're looking 54,000 dollars per year without paying benefits for the same service as the system admin that would have cost 85k.

1. Increase your bottom line.

Last but certainly not least is cold hard cash. If you haven't already noticed, the main function of a managed tech support services provider is to save you money. An MSP will maintain your business processes so you can make more money. They will protect your assets so you don't lose money. They will coordinate your technology so they make money faster. They will even get employees back online so they can keep making money. IT is about prioritizing the client so that they can keep producing, not about actually producing itself. Essentially, bottom lines increase when good business processes, stable infrastructures, and reliable support are in place. That's why the biggest companies in the world have robust and complex IT teams. If they know it helps them make more money then maybe its about time you consider getting your own support.

What's all this mean?

Next time you find yourself wondering "Why do I need Managed Tech Support?" remember the things you learned here, or visit the page again and refresh your memory. When you're ready to make that jump reach out to BVI so we can consult you on your next steps. Whether that means partnering with us and joining our supported community of businesses or finding an MSP closer to you, let us be your introduction into the wonderful world of efficient professional IT.

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